Sep 22, 2011Ruth Eshaghian

Last night I had a few of my best LA girlfriends over for dinner and a screening of BRIDESMAIDS in honor of the DVD release of the film. This was such a fantastic girls night in. Several of my pals had not seen the movie, and to sit and watch the film with a group of women in my own home was such a treat!

Modern Bite Bride Party

How often do you have friends over to watch a movie together? For me, well, NEVER. We kept the kids awake with our laughter. The movie is not only hilarious, but also so moving as the bonds between the women are so real and so recognizable. One friend develeoped a huge crush on Chris O’Dowd who plays the adorable unassuming love interest.  All of us agreed that we had dated at least one (…if not …eek…several) Jon Hamm types in our sordid pasts. This is a true chick flick in the best sense. Although my husband thought it was hilarious too – though he was banned from last night’s screening and I made him do a store run for more vodka.

Modern Bite Cupcakes

What made the party particularly festive were the custom desserts provided by Modern Bite. They made delicious diamond themed cupcakes and their signature modern design cookies complete with BRIDESMAIDS photos! If you are having any kind of event, Modern Bite is the best new bakery in LA. The artistry that goes into these desserts is so inspired, and of course they are as delicious as they are beautiful. They also do kids birthday cakes – they did a STAR WARS themed one for my son complete with marzipan light saber. Plus they ship anywhere!


A night to remember, and one that is easy to recreate. Buy the DVD, grab some girlfriends, make some dinner, stir some cocktails and be prepared to laugh your heads off.

Bridesmaids Party

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